E.M.S.: new self-steering axles with hydraulic control

De Angelis has launched on the market the new E.M.S. (Easy Maneuvering System): this new optional pack can be installed on the last friction-steering axle for havong the possibility to set the direction of the axle at low speed (either forward and backward directions).

This innovation is possbile thanks to a set of hydraulic/electronic devices developed by the Company.

This new accessory is for the moment available only for axles fitted with tires of size equal or greater than 235 or 245 and a maximum loading capacity of 9 tons and it can be installed only in one axle.

In order to maximize the steering action, this system is installed on friction steering axles with angles of steering increased to 25° or 27° (instead of 12/13° of standard friction steering axles)  

- 3 axles trailers (industrial or agricultural versions)
- 2-3 axles semi-trailers with rigid chassis
- 3 axles semitrailers with telescopic chassis (single extension)
- special trailers and semitrailers for internal use

This new technology is absolutely safe because it works only at low speed (the electronic system read the speed through the ABS/EBS).
When a higher speed is reached, the system is automatically shut off and the axle comes back to the normal friction-steering functioning.

The hydraulic system is fed by a power-pack included inthe price.

- lightness: total weight of the accessory is in the order of few dozens kilograms
- cheapness: E.M.S is far cheaper than all other force steering technologies
- safeness: automatic shut off of the system when a speed higher than 7 km/h is reached
- easy to use: radio remote control with left/right button + automatic re-alignement system