SOLO is a new De Angelis’ brand created for the purpose of unifying in a complete range the innovative handling solutions (steering and suspension systems) developed by the Company over decades of experience in the special trailer industry.


ONE-SCOPIC independent suspension is a patented technology representing a real revolution in this sector.

Compared to other similar systems, ONE-SCOPIC is today the lightest and the most compact technical solution.

Besides this, ONE-SCOPIC is characterized by 2 additional technical pluses:

ONE-SCOPIC with 12 t loading capacity on each line of axles has been specifically developed for the heavy load sector.

The top-quality materials, the special chromium plating and the use of high-strength steels welded with special techniques ensure very high strength and full operability and reliability for heavy use even at extreme temperatures (-40 °C/+70 °C) and in “dirty” environments (mud, sand, dust, salt).

STEERING TECHNOLOGIES DST (Dura-Steer Technology): an exclusive steering kinematism ensuring to get the performance of a “progressive” steering system with the typical reliability and the practically no-maintenance of a “linear” steering system.

Main advantages:

ERS (Electronic Realignment System): the first “real” automatic realignment system. With ERS the axles are not simply realigned with the body of the semitrailer, but with the exact direction of the towing tractor. Compared to other systems, ERS is safer and faster, as no further corrections are necessary while driving.

EMS (Easy Manoeuvring System): an electro­hydraulic kit and a remote control make it possible to control the self-steering axle at manoeuvring speed in both directions. This light and economical solution will make the driver’s life easier when coming across a difficult manoeuvre!

HYDRO-LIFT: an innovative lift dedicated to One-Scopic independent hydraulic suspensions that fully recreates the same automatic operation of traditional air lifts in a closed-loop hydraulic system.

(for more info visit: www.solo-hs.com)